Brand is more than just a logo. But a logo will anchor your brand and typically becomes the most identifiable visual associated to a company. It becomes the “face” of the brand and plays a key role in the perception of your brand. A well designed logo will serve to convey some information about the company and allow customers to identify with the core brand. It acts as a cornerstone on which the larger visual identity of a brand can be build upon. Here are 5 of the top design aspects of a logo that can help to build a solid brand.

1.  Differentiation
Does the logo has any unique attributes that set it apart from the crowd. It if looks or feels generic it will be forgettable. On the flip side of generic is falling into the trap of a design that is currently very trendy or hip. Fashion comes and goes quickly and you don’t want to feel obsolete 2 years down the road.

2.  K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple stupid
This is generally true in all areas of design but never much so in logo design. Your mark has to function properly at a very small size all the way up to the signage on your building. In only black and white and in full color. Nothing breaks this flexibility as quickly as an overly complex, finicky graphic. Proportion and symmetry come into play here as any elements that are not well considered or properly built instantly break any feeling of stability and presence.

3. Layered information
Ideally you will be able to pack in as much information visually as quickly as possible. One way of achieving this is to layer information and have and image provide double duty. Like a double entendre, if you can blend two ideas into a single image you will definitely be a step ahead.

4. Colour
It is extremely important that the colour pallet you choose has meaning and works to create emotion. At the same time it is vitally important that your logo works in both greyscale and black and white to ensure the maximum amount of flexibility and functionality for your brand.

5. Have a story
“Every great design begins with an even better story.” This is a quote I recently came across and it perfectly sums up how I feel about logo design and rationale. If you can’t speak to WHY your logo is the way it is, what the colours mean and how it is the perfect representation of your brand perhaps you don’t have a very good logo.