Sandbox Brand Marketing | by Rod Anderson

What does it mean to “Reveal Your True Greatness”?

In the context we look at this at Sandbox, it is about uncovering what it is at the core of a visionary, company, or brand that truly makes it stand out from others. It is something that already exists in the fabric or DNA of the organization but has yet to be realized.

After working with hundreds of companies and researching thousands of their competitors, what we see is that most sectors are highly competitive, lacking of differentiation within the category, and uninspiring to the prospect or customer. Some companies may have a prettier web site and brag about their successes better than others, but honestly, who cares. This is just credibility stuff that serves a purpose when appealing to the rational decision making stage of the buying process.

Find Your Purpose

At the end of the day, more and more of your prospects, loyal customers, and employees are looking to align themselves with companies and brands that are able to clearly communicate what makes them unique. This uniqueness typically is originating from the Purpose. Your Purpose it linked to what makes you unique. So find your Purpose, learn how to communicate it effectively, and you have found your secret sauce to reaching your full potential.

Have you ever had someone in your life that is very intuitive and knows you extremely well? And how amazing is it when this person listens to you, asks the right questions, and then offers you an observation about you that you have never noticed? At times, it seems so hard to look at who we are, what we do, and why we do it objectively. This type of introspection can at times be achieved on your own via a personal retreat or some form of unplugging to reflect. Other times it may come through counseling, or a really good friend.

We are in an era of self-expression. Digital provides us with channels of self-expression that have previously not been available. Brands that are able to tap into these channels creatively and in a genuine and compelling way are creating lasting connections with customers and employees.

The lens I use when looking at helping a company to reveal its true greatness is to help it dig deep to uncover what are the things hardwired inside the company that drives it to do what it does and in the way it does it. Once uncovered, the company is capable of delivering more significant impact for itself, its company, its customers, brand and employees.

Understanding your purpose and what makes you great and unique is the first step to becoming great. It will set the foundation for effective and meaningful communication that will differentiate you from your competitors. Your Purpose will make you truly unique.

So what about Sandbox?

We have invested time to understand what it is that we are good at and what it is that we love to do: our purpose. The statement that best captured why we are here is “To Reveal True Greatness”. This statement stands true for our team and our ecosystem partners, as well as for the clients and brands we are honoured to serve.

The statement has a special impact to us in that “revealing” has two meanings:

  1. to uncover through a deep dive and understanding what it is that makes a leader, company, and brand authentically different and great.
  2. to help tie this greatness into a meaningful message that can be communicated internally and externally in a way that creates impact for all of our clients.

Sandbox is exploring the process of “Revealing True Greatness” for more people, more companies, and in more significant ways. To hear more about what we’re up to, and for the opportunity to reveal the greatness within your company, contact us directly at today.

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