Recently I asked a friend to speak with my TEC Peer to Peer Executive group over a Zoom conference. Jake was streaming from his office in the United Kingdom to our meeting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Actually – Didsbury, Alberta which is known for its masonry construction due to fires that destroyed much of the commercial landscape in the early 1900s. Jake works with individuals on discovering their purpose through the use of semiotics.

Unfortunately, on that day technology was not on our side, but Jake persevered and proceeded to speak to the benefits of Purpose.

The presentation began with data that illustrated the impact ‘Purpose’ and ‘Being’ has on people, businesses, cities, and countries.

“A person, whom understands and lives their purpose lives on average 10 years longer than those without.”

Businesses connected by an explicit ‘Purpose’ increase stakeholder loyalty and grow at a rate of 263% which is higher than an average company in the US S&P. Jake then provided insights on countries not connected to Purpose. He showed that being unhappy and disengaged costs the country 3% to 4% of GDP annually.

Visionaries who embrace their personal and organizational Purpose are currently well ahead of the game. More progressive companies will adopt Purpose as a business and life strategy within the next 10 years. Not unlike how Core Values are typically part of a company’s strategy and culture today.

My personal purpose is defined by the idea of Revealing True Greatness for people and organizations.

Revealing True Greatness is all about helping those who want to be part of a tribe obsessed with making a difference. Obsessed with “Maximizing Impact on Their World.” However, to bring this to life further for myself and the people around me I worked with Jake to utilise his education in Semiotics.

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation – in this case to provide me with greater understanding of my personal purpose and its impact on my life and others.

Through Semiotics I was able to drill down further into my Purpose and create this statement which clearly articulates what Revealing True greatness genuinely means: “Providing a life context injection resulting in a sustainable leap to live at another level.” My individually created word for this statement is “Inuleap.”

Jake worked with me to then create a rough sketch of what he calls a Progo or Purpose logo. The sentence, word, and Progo method allows visionaries and individuals to clearly understand their purpose and realign whenever it is needed. It also helps you to further engage others with your Purpose.

Jake is also experimenting with me right now to create a piece of music that brings to life my Purpose. All of these are assets specific to each individual, just like your personal fingerprint.

Once you understand the importance of Purpose and uncover it both personally and professionally you need to then translate it into actions to be able to harness its ultimate power.

To do this within your business, you need to start with the visionary or CEO. A company’s Purpose is often led by the founder’s own Purpose. Then comes the work to authentically craft the organization’s Purpose and connect it with the broader business. Throughout this process, however, you must be aware of your team’s individual understanding of their own purpose and how it relates to the organization’s. Then finally, you must embed the organization’s Purpose into your strategic plan through goals, objectives, and values, thus creating tools that allow you and your company to be on Purpose throughout the day.

Today, through my work at Sandbox, corporate workshops and speaking engagements, I help visionaries understand and define their purpose and how it lives within their organizations. If you are interested in understanding how Purpose will benefit you and impact your life, or you would like me to provide a workshop or speaking engagement, then please call me at 403-978-3332 or email me at Also, to learn more about Revealing True Greatness visit our RTG page at