Every company needs a strong identity that consumers can latch onto, support, and share with others. Even businesses with excellent branding won’t achieve the reach that they’re hoping for if they never grow their business’ awareness.

Understanding Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the determining factor of how familiar a target audience is with a particular business. Companies with higher awareness tend to be those that are viral or popular. Like certain celebrities or new trends, these companies are on the way to becoming household names.

Though awareness is a difficult metric to measure, it is just as important as any other statistic. Without it, you’ll find that your company isn’t growing as fast as it could. Moreover, once you invest in improving awareness, you’ll be able to reap certain benefits you never enjoyed before.

The Benefits of Brand Awareness

Tapping into the magic of high awareness opens doors to all kinds of things. Companies with a higher awareness go from being virtually unknown in the world of business to a hot commodity. Along with this level of high awareness comes higher profit margins, more press, and the opportunity to attract even more business.

Ways to Improve Your Awareness

For many businesses today, this rapid increase in awareness happens when a product or service of theirs goes viral on social media. While this option is akin to finding overnight success, it isn’t the only way to grow your awareness.

Consider the following strategies as you try to improve your business’ awareness:

1. Become More Than a Company

The organizations with the highest awareness are more than just a company–they’re like family. Their consumers can get to know the company, relate to them, trust them, and support them. There will always be another company vying for your consumers’ attention–what makes you different?

To stand apart from the competition and relate more to your consumers, you have to become more than a one-dimensional business that is out to turn a profit. You have to develop your business identity into something that leaves a lasting impact on consumers. By growing from just another business to a multifaceted company with a persona, your business’ identity will be something that people are excited to buy into.

2. Get Social

Promotion is another integral part of awareness. For more people to know about your business, someone will need to tell them. Take the initiative by getting social and connecting with other people.

Launch a new social media campaign to start promoting your company more heavily. Interact with your audience by posting polls, questions, or replying to comments and sharing certain content. Keep the social media takeover going by curating regular content that will allow new people to discover your business.

Just as you promote online, you’ll want to promote in person as well. Go to industry events and the like to help get the word out about your company. Even if your business isn’t a brick-and-mortar one, this in-person marketing is essential to improving your awareness.

3. Create a Narrative

If there’s one thing that people connect with, it’s a story that they can relate to. Creating a narrative taps into the storytelling tactic. It allows your audience to latch onto something authentic and inspiring.

As you tell the story of your business, look to humanize the company. Find ways to speak about things that will show the real depth of the company. Use this narrative when marketing your services or products to help your audience truly connect with the company.

4. Encourage Sharing

Always make it easy for people to share your company’s content. As you work to create quality blog posts, photos, or videos for social media, or any other content tied to your company, making these sharable will ensure that anyone that sees it and wants to share it will have have the opportunity to do so. This social sharing is like virtual word-of-mouth: the more shares you get, the faster the word about you will spread.

Many people choose to share something online for various reasons. Often, it’s the most convenient way to share a business’ contact information. In other cases, they know someone that will relate to the content that they read, watched, or scrolled through. When these shared works go viral, that is what boosts a business’ awareness.

Even with all of the aforementioned tips, it can be challenging to build your awareness on your own, which is why you should reach out to an expert. If you are serious about boosting your awareness, it’s time to contact a marketing firm that knows how to get the job done. With the right strategies, your business may be the next big thing.