At Sandbox, we talk about revealing true greatness and living life on purpose.

Often it is easy to feel like we are ordinary people with lives that don’t seem as exciting as our favorite motivational speaker or YouTube sensation. So, how can we be living greatness in our daily lives?

While I was thinking about this, I thought back to a time where I was very spiritual. I spent time meditating and even had interesting dreams that seemed to have messages.

I remember one of these dreams where I kept climbing ladders up in the sky. Clouds surrounded me, and I would climb a ladder and at the top would be a platform. It was like I had been enlightened and gone to another level. I started to believe I was getting closer to God, and I just kept wanting to go higher.

Every time I got higher, the platforms would get smaller and smaller. I was afraid of how little space I had, but I wanted to keep going.

But suddenly, I heard a voice say, “Go back down.” What?! I thought I don’t want to go backward. I have worked so hard to get here.

Again I heard, “Go back down.” But this time, I heard, “Go back down and bring others with you.” So I went back down and took people back up with me.

This time when the others came with me, the platforms grew bigger to fit all of us on them. And I ended up climbing even more.

So how could this dream be an example of greatness?

Often we work so hard to try and climb the ladder of success, and so often we are so focused on making something of ourselves.

Perhaps greatness is found simply in the little things like helping others. And maybe, just maybe giving to others will take you to greater places.