Revealing True Greatness By Leading With Compassion In a Crisis

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2020 has been a challenging year so far, but there is hope. As a leader – now more than ever – your family, friends, colleagues, and your organization needs your best.

This crisis we’re all experiencing has really shown us that the way our marketing and communication efforts (both internally and externally) can be subject to substantial change within days, if not hours.

These are extraordinary times. Conventional rules and processes have no relevance in times such as these. In adversarial situations of this magnitude, only compassion and action stands out.

What is the best way to reach out, meaningfully, to those who can benefit most from what your company does? What is the best way for your business to show that executing its core values in its everyday operations is intended to benefit everyone, instead of just its bottom line?

The most effective way to generate compassion, to demonstrate to employees, existing and potential clients that your brand genuinely cares about fellow human beings? To genuinely show you care about the businesses that your fellow human beings work at and in? It is to communicate with honesty and integrity – and to communicate this consistently.

Taking advantage of a situation in order to make a profit will crush your organization, its culture and brand.

Instead, consider being a humble hero! Donate time, supplies, or funding to help the disadvantaged. Offer help to those in need without the desiring recognition or reward. Actions like this reveals an organization’s authentic leadership, and true greatness in troubled times.

Sure, it really IS about business – the business of connecting in a humane and authentic way. In the end, everyone benefits. The key is to consistently do the right thing; even when nobody is watching.

Stay safe, and do the best you can with what you have – wherever you find yourself.

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