“The work we did with Sandbox was rejuvenating for me and our whole team. Rod and his team have a great way of digging into what is important, and the creative process of arriving at a core purpose and vision was fun and enlightening. The Highstreet team is excited about our core purpose and vision now, which is great for engagement and overall culture. I’d recommend any company that is searching for a focus to engage with Rod and Sandbox.”

Scott Butler • President, Highstreet Ventures

Brand Workshop

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Sandbox was tasked with getting to the essence of what Highstreet is all about and transform that into a visual language and brand that truly reflects what Highstreet does and what makes them stand out from the crowd. Highstreet is about creating a culture of empowerment, connection and alignment as the only way to build true community and to set the gold standard by which everyone else will be measured.


The brand position of “The Smarter Good” establishes Highstreet as the company where doing the right thing is core to who we are. We know that smart design is good business and this brand promise holds everyone on the team accountable, from trades people, developers, coworkers and investors.

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