Startec Cultural Workshop Questionnaire

All responses will be shared at the workshop but names will be removed to maintain confidentiality. Please submit form by June 3.
  • 1. What specifically about the Startec Culture are you most proud of? Tell a story of how you saw this aspect of the culture come to life at Startec.
  • 2. If someone asked you to describe the Startec Culture what would you say?
  • 3. If you could change anything about the Startec Culture what would it be?
  • 4. What does Startec do in the hiring process that ensures you bring on employees that fit the culture?
  • 5. What current Cultural Program most positively impacts your team? Tell a story of how you saw this program impact your team or a person on your team.
  • 6. Was there a Cultural Program that Startec did previously, but is not currently doing, that you feel would benefit the Startec Team? Please explain.
  • 7. What does being a Startec Everyday Maverick mean to you?
  • 8. How does Startec track employee engagement?
  • 9. What Startec Core Value do you most resonate with? Tell a story about how you live this Core Value?
  • 10. What Startec Core Value best captures the Culture at Startec and why do you feel this way?