Westlund Pre-Workshop Questionnaire

Please respond to this pre-workshop questionnaire by June 24. All responses will be confidential.
  • 1. In your own words, describe what the Westlund brand means to you? Do you feel this aligns with how your customers see the brand? Please use a specific example, if possible, and explain in detail.
  • 2. What does Westlund do best? Provide a specific example of this in action.
  • 3. Why do people want to work for Westlund? What is/was it about Westlund that made it the best choice for your career?
  • 4. What Westlund Core Value best describes you? How does this value connect with the Westlund brand?
  • 5. What customers are most loyal to Westlund? Why do you believe they’re loyal?
  • 6. How is Westlund “nimble” and how does this benefit your customers?
  • 7. If you could change anything about Westlund’s marketing efforts, what would it be?
  • 8. How does Westlund out-service your competitors?
  • 9. What makes the Westlund brand different from competitors? What makes it a better choice for customers?
  • 10. What makes Westlund unique to customers and why is this important to them?