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Brunel Origin Story:

We are not just a local cabinet company in Alberta, some of the largest brands in Canada know us by name for delivering what they envisioned for their business locations.

Organizations come to us because they care about the same things we do, not just quality, price and commitment, but the knowledge, experience and pride that each and every member of Brunel takes in their craft.

Our story is for those that don’t settle for “it’s good enough”, it is for those that want to create something that will last while others fail or break down.

Our story is about making peoples dreams come to life, even when the sacrifices to do so seem out of reach, at Brunel we continue to progress bit by bit knowing with our commitment we will get it done.

"Rod and the team at Sandbox have been instrumental in helping Brunel revitalize our Brand through the lens of “Building Commitment” for our clients and our team. The efforts they made with us to create and communicate our unique message to the market through a website, videos and other content have helped us align our team, attract and retain top level talent and amazing clients that believe what we believe."

Ivan Bach – Brunel Commercial Interior, President and CEO


  • Brand Narrative & Manifesto
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Imagery
  • Video
  • Interior Wall Graphic Desig
As a family run business, established in 1964, Brunel is a leader in retail manufacturing and fixtures across Western Canada. As the exclusive supplier for many corporate clients, including Tim Hortons, Brunel has built their business around a dedication to strong employee and client relationships, while delivering even stronger work. With their business continuing to experience rapid growth, Brunel was looking to revitalize their brand, while also creating compelling video that would highlight their value to new clients, as well as attract new talent to their team.

Brunel knows the value of retaining loyal clients and employees, as they look to exceed expectations and craft lasting relationships with everyone that they do business with. Because of this, Sandbox uncovered their secret sauce and created the internal rally cry and narrative statement, ‘Building Commitment’. This narrative statement spotlights their unfailing dedication to outstanding work and commitment to their employees.

To capture this commitment, Sandbox created two videos that brought to life the narrative of ‘Building Commitment’ along with the Brunel origin story, emphasizing their benefits to their clients and their team. The first video showcased the skilled staff that work at Brunel, as they shared their individual experiences and dedication with the company, while also noting Brunel’s generous RRSP Matching Program, extra training and benefit coverage programs, and tool allowances.

The second video spoke to the large commercial clients that Brunel works with. Due to their exceptional ability to deliver their products and services, as well as their quality, price, and commitment, Brunel has had the honour of working with many world-renowned brands.


Thanks to the two new videos on the Brunel website, Brunel is capturing new growth in their category, including attracting new skilled workers, as well as new commercial and independent clients, which all see and feel the benefits of Brunel’s ‘Building Commitment’ mission.

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