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TEC CANADA Manifesto


We take a bold stand for success and we won’t back down. We know that striving for the deepest understanding takes the most courage. We get to the core of issues, make essential connections with collective intelligence, and draw from the most comprehensive pool of knowledge.


We are passionate in the power of our proven process. Built on 60 years of business expertise, we package a perfected and powerful approach that is unrivalled. From a solid foundation of expert chairs and partners we stand united for mutual success. Together, we can lead a world of di erence.


We approach vision fearlessly and push the boundaries of possibility. We understand and respect the unique needs of today’s business leaders, harnessing the strength and accountability of the group. We are open-minded and o er a safe arena to expand in the face of challenges. We light the path, blaze the trail and drive growth.


We are here for Canadian leaders and Canadian businesses  first.
We hold ourselves accountable for creating substantial outcomes that
impact thousands of lives. We are in the service of the exceptional by
leading with excellence. We are both the path and the process for deeper
insights that create real impact.

Deeper Insights, Real Impact - that is the Power of Business Connection.

“The measurable impact we have seen because of our branding initiative with sandbox has been fantastic. They helped us get to the root of our offering, then expand on it to tell our unique story.”

-Marc Johnson -Director of Sales & Marketing

TEC Canada

  • Brand Narrative and Manifesto
  • Positioning Statement
  • New Website
  • Google Ad Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Brand Strategy
As Canada’s number one business owners’ peer-to-peer platform, TEC Canada solves complex issues and helps visionaries and CEOs move through business and personal roadblocks. TEC is for those who require networking with seasoned executives and the expertise of professional coaches, not just entrepreneurial tips & tricks. Sandbox was uniquely qualified to help revitalize TEC’s brand and marketing efforts, by getting to the essence of what TEC is all about. Sandbox worked to deliver this revitalized brand marketing message through all TEC’s digital assets, such as the TEC website, social channels, as well as their google ad campaigns.
The brand narrative that captures the essence of TEC is ,‘The Power of Business Connection’. This narrative statement establishes TEC as the go-to source of trusted business support. The brand position of, ‘Deeper Insights, Real Impact’ further defines the practical value that members receive. Sandbox supported the rollout of the new TEC brand narrative, manifesto, and position through a variety of materials, including a new website design, as well as an ongoing responsive Google Ads campaign. These campaigns were designed not only to attract new membership but was an opportunity to create differentiation in the marketplace based on creating deeper business and personal impact. The revitalized website and social platforms were all coordinated to allow content that would allow TEC Canada to own their leadership position in the business peer-to-peer industry.


The redefined brand narrative, manifesto, and position completely redefined and revitalized TEC’s identity in the market. Creating greater clarity and focus in the marketplace, TEC is about: Collective Intelligence, Fearlessly approaching issues, Knowing better and Doing better. Both TEC’s membership and chair numbers grew significantly after working with Sandbox, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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