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“You are awesome! It must be cool to have a job where you get to bring out the best in people!”

-Kristi Cawthorn – President, Startec

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As an organization servicing many industries, including the energy sector, Startec was looking for a way to revitalize their business and brand by harnessing the powerful culture they had created in their operations. Startec brought Sandbox on as a key strategic partner in uncovering the secret sauce that existed in how they deliver their products and services to clients. In addition, Startec wanted to capture the story of their business and culture through a unique narrative statement and manifesto.


Through Sandbox’s proprietary discovery methodology, Sandbox uncovered that the distinct and defendable position that Startec could authentically hold in the marketplace was, ‘There is Always a Better Way.’
We brought this position to life through the brand narrative of the ‘Everyday Mavericks’, which reflects Startec’s promise to reject pretension with a no-nonsense approach, while steadfastly meeting challenges head-on, no matter how difficult. Sandbox also re-designed Startec’s website to align with their new brand narrative and market position. Also, Sandbox created social media content to satisfy their recruitment and prospecting initiatives. By ensuring that the ‘Everyday Mavericks’ story was told through imagery, copy, and videos throughout the website and social media, Sandbox helped Startec increase awareness and attract more qualified leads. This included implementing a digital advertising campaign on Google and Facebook. In addition to supporting Startec’s growth and employee recruitment goals, Sandbox creates highly engaging video, imagery, and copy for the Startec social channels.


The brand story narrative of the ‘Everyday Mavericks’ has influenced all aspects of Startec’s marketing and communication efforts. From internal cultural activities, to corporate videos, to social media and beyond. If you visit the new Startec office and fabrication facility you will see the brand narrative and manifesto come to life through wall graphics, video projections, and through Startec’s culture-based initiatives. At Startec, Everyday Mavericks passionately believe that they can transform the industry because there is always a better way.

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