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"Rod and the team at a Sandbox used their method of ideation to allow our brand to connect with customers and employees at a more human level.”

Scott Schotanus –
Universal Ford, President


  • Brand Narrative and Manifesto
  • Google Ad and Magazine
  • Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Brand Strategy
Auto dealerships have several offerings for customers and employees, including new and pre-owned vehicles, as well as servicing expertise, finance, and parts. The owners of Universal Ford Lincoln asked Sandbox to help revitalize their brand and marketing efforts using Sandbox’s proprietary Discover, Develop, Deploy methodology. While helping create brand marketing strategy and initiatives for Universal Ford Lincoln, Sandbox’s impact significantly grew their used car sales. Sales of pre-owned cars at dealerships have been steadily declining, due to competing platforms that allow anyone to sell a used vehicle. Sandbox was asked to create ad campaigns that spoke to the benefit of buying a pre-owned vehicle from Universal Ford Lincoln, versus other avenues.


The Sandbox team worked to create fun, engaging, and thought-provoking campaigns that challenged long-standing biases towards used cars, while promoting the benefits of buying through a dealership versus a Craigslist or Kijiji posting. The main benefit of purchasing through Universal Ford Lincoln is their 4,000 km/2 months warranty, aligning with their narrative and positioning statement of, ‘It Starts with U’. The campaign theme of, ‘No Regrets’ was born. Sandbox developed three different creative approaches based on humorous and provocative everyday situations, with Universal Ford Lincoln’s brand voice. Using Google ads, social media ads, and social media platforms, their new marketing campaign drove thousands of new leads to their website, while supporting unit sales that doubled during the campaigns. Through compelling images and messaging, we ensured Universal Ford Lincoln’s new ads were also distinctly recognizable, while also being optimized for conversions.


Shortly after the campaign launched, Universal Ford clocked a 96% turnover rate on their pre-owned car inventory! They also tracked 150,000 unique visitors to their website within the first 6 months, generated more than 4,000 conversions on Google Ads, reaching 400,000 people on Facebook! Universal Ford Lincoln’s business was built leveraging the brand assets Sandbox helped create and has since sold to new owners.



Doing what’s right not just for the customer, but for each other. Doing things differently and striving to do things better. Making improvements, suggestions, finding smarter ways. Treating each customer as a relationship, not a sale or quota.


U go the extra kilometer—literally and figuratively.

U listen. U sweat details. U don’t settle.

U present the facts, U welcome the truth, U embrace transparency.

U experience pride in what you do, who you work with, who you work for.


The goal is a customer for life. The prize is an occasional referral or recommendation. The proof is seeing three generations of car buyers. The feeling is unbeatable when a buyer is elated by their purchase, not beaten down by the process.


U happily handle every situation. U gladly answer every question.

U look in the eye of every customer and fellow team member and remember:



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