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Westlund’s Manifesto

For those programmed to overachieve, never accepting the status quo, For those who strive to change the way business is done. The Groundbreakers, who tackle dire dilemmas, pioneering solutions with confidence. The Gamechangers, who act with ingenuity, Decisively remoulding the model with each new win.

For the resourceful Those dedicated to inspired inquiry and poised performance We lead with equity, principle, and zeal. Using our astute expertise acquired through industry experience, We evoke pride in delivering world class service through our empowered and decentralized model, Always human-to-human, In a neighbourly style. We intentionally play the long game with both client and employee relationships, Building reliability and trust, with a pledge to deliver.

For the tenacious, Those liberated to excel with both autonomy and independence. We have the agency to execute accordingly, leveraging an impressive team with rare talent. We are flexible in our freedom, while united in spirit. We work to cultivate inspiring and genuine rapport, And always vow, thou shalt do NO harm to the Profit Centre.

We pride ourselves in straight talk within a flat structure, Generous listening in a loud, unfocused world, Trust and respect that never falters, And fairness and caring that transcends all else. We are a company that cares, that lives next door, that commits and always delivers. We are for those compelled by causes greater than themselves, For those excited to innovate, And emboldened to evolve.


  • Market Position
  • Brand Narrative & Manifesto
  • Logos (5)
  • Websites (2)
  • Imagery


Westlund, an industrial supply company with 28 locations across Canada, was struggling to differentiate itself from its competitors. Westlund’s brand identity and websites were outdated and failed to effectively communicate its unique method of servicing customers to differentiate it from its competitors. Westlund required a new message and position, including a brand narrative, logos, and websites (French and English) that would better represent its company values and appeal to its target audience.

Whatever It Takes, We Get It

Westlund’s Brand Position Key Messaging

  • dedication to creative problem solving and strategic execution.
  • building relationships based on a desire to innovate, evolve, and grow.
  • absolute honesty, integrity, and reliability.
  • the intelligent knowledge acquired through industry experience.
  • receiving world class service in a neighbourly style.
  • the laser-driven focus to make the impossible look easy.
  • the agency to work with autonomy and independence.
  • cultivating inspiring and genuine rapport with our partners and each other.
  • being resourceful while tackling dire dilemmas with cool confidence.
  • listening with empathy and acting with ingenuity.
  • delivering unparalleled service, despite all odds.
  • the power of teamwork. 

Westlund’s New Narrative Statement

For Groundbreakers

Westlund Moodboard

Swipe left and right to see before and after.


To solve these challenges, Sandbox worked closely with Westlund company leaders and visionaries to develop a new brand position, narrative statement, manifesto, logos, and two websites, with French and English versions. We conducted extensive research on the industry, including competitors, and Westlund’s target audience to develop a new brand narrative that spoke to Westlund’s values, expertise, and excellence in customer service. To allow Westlund to stand out in the market we created the brand narrative, “For Groundbreakers & Game-changers”, which appeals to Westlund’s target audience and internal team members. Next, we crafted a manifesto that captures the story of the Westlund culture and how it benefits both its employees and customers. The positioning statement and rallying cry, “Whatever it takes, we get it,” was also designed to capture the company’s commitment to going above and beyond to meet its client’s needs. Sandbox also designed an updated, cleaner version of Westlund’s English, French, and Legal name logos, which still honours Westlund’s legacy and reputation in the industry. We also selected a modern, fresher colour palette for the new Westlund website, that would help Westlund stand out from its competitors. The new website showcases the new logo and brand narrative, positioning statement, and supporting content, along with the company’s products and services. Also, one of the most important factors, the new website highlights the Westlund employees who embody the “Groundbreakers & Game-changers” spirit.


The new brand narrative, manifesto, positioning statement, rallying cry, logos, and websites that Sandbox created for Westlund were a resounding success. The updated brand identity and messaging helped Westlund better differentiate itself in the industry, and the new websites were well-received by both clients and employees. Westlund’s new colour palette allows it to stand out from competitors while appealing to its target audience. Overall, the new brand identity and website have helped position Westlund for continued future success as a leading industrial supplier.

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