Is Purpose Better For Me or My Organization

Is Purpose Better For Me or My Organization

This is the perfect time to consider the value of understanding what you as the leader of the business’s Purpose is, along with revealing what the Purpose of your company is. Many organizations have gone through the heavy lifting of uncovering what their Vision and Values are, but few have taken it to the level of revealing their organization’s Purpose.
The hierarchy of business strategy looks something like this:
  1. Purpose
  2. Vision
  3. Values

When I have worked with clients who have gone through some Purpose, Vision, Values work I typically see somewhat generic, non- differentiating statements. When I inquire about how the visionary feels about the Purpose and Vision they usually grumble that it is not great and needs some work.

Many times the visionary has hired a business execution company that works with platforms like E.O.S. or Gazelle to take them through the process of uncovering these key strategic elements and then support them with execution. What could be a profound experience and result for the visionary and their team turns into an effort of checking the box “so we can focus on executing and getting the work done”.

Many times the methodology used by these business platforms to guide an organization to determining a Purpose and Vision are surface level and lack the depth and understanding it requires to reveal a compelling strategy that will have a long shelf life and also drive new growth and opportunities for the organization.

So why invest the energy required to uncover a true Purpose for you or your organization? Below are some well – researched outcomes of revealing true purpose for yourself, your people and your organization.

Organizational Benefits of Purpose: running on purpose

  • Higher levels of optimism
  • Higher levels of confidence
  • Outperform the S&P 500 by 400%
  • Growth 3 to 5 times faster than competition

Personal Benefits Of Purpose: living on purpose

  • Live longer
  • Less likely to develop Heart Disease
  • Less likely to have a stroke
  • Less likely to suffer from depression
  • A better sex life

If you have taken the time to reveal your organization’s or your own purpose and feel you are not connected to the outcome or the outcome does not inspire you and allow you to make better decisions on what you will or will not invest time and money in please contact me at . I will connect you with others I have helped so you can glean insight as to the method, outcome and impact they have received and maybe I can help you or your organization take this magical ride.

My name is Rod Anderson and I help leaders revitalize their brands so they can stand out and withstand competition and crisis.

Many people who start businesses have incredible drive to create and control their career and lifestyle. In addition, some business leaders are second or third generation looking to put their fingerprint on a business that was started by another family member. Inevitably, leaders look to take a bold stance and position their company uniquely to the market and their employees.

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