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Rana Our Manifesto:

At RANA we promise to fight
fiercely every day
in every possible way
to defend the quality of life
you and your loved ones
deserve to enjoy.

At RANA we promise to protect
you and your loved ones
against anxiousness and disruptions
caused by sleepless nights
and breathless days.

At RANA we promise to empower
you and your loved ones
with knowledge you can use
and the world’s best practice
to give you freedom
to breathe and sleep restfully.

“Sandbox really understands what it means to build a brand that reflects our company’s purpose and culture.”

RANA Care Group


  • New Website
  • Brand
  • Narrative Statement
RANA is a Respiratory Care Group that specializes in improving sleep for people who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring. Sandbox was tasked with the challenge of establishing a brand promise that would allow RANA to increase their exposure and market share in the sleep apnea industry.

Through a thorough brand discovery process, Sandbox discovered how fiercely caring RANA employees were towards its clients. This led to the creation of the brand promise, “Fighting for you every breath of the way.” Sandbox crafted this rallying cry for the RANA team, who were rebranded as the RANA Care Core.

Sandbox supported the internal rollout of RANA’s new brand identity which included lanyards, uniform patches, and vehicle graphics. A video campaign series was also created, along with a self-referral sleep quiz, and a new website. Phase two of the rollout included targeted digital advertising, referrals from online influencers, and a media outreach strategy.

A series of customer focus groups were conducted to determine further opportunities for shortening purchase timelines in the customer buying cycle. As a result, online and radio amplification of the campaign continued with messaging and advertising targeting key motivations and triggers in the customer’s path to purchase. This included a complete redevelopment of RANA’s corporate website to drive and convert both Sleep and Oxygen client leads while educating the audience and addressing common myths and barriers that otherwise would impede customer purchase decisions.


The RANA brand, now Careica, was launched into two new markets in Saskatchewan and Alberta with support from Sandbox and we remain partnered with RANA in their business strategy as well as ongoing marketing plans.

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